Fractional Laser Rejuvenation

Posted by Irena Morgenstern

As the skin ages and is exposed to the sun, it thins, wrinkles and in some areas
thickens to protect itself. This uneven skin tone and accompanying lines and
wrinkles are targeted with laser skin resurfacing. The laser moves over the skin
and in the process removes a fine layer of damaged or thickened skin. The body
has a natural healing mechanism and this treatment triggers a natural healing
response. The body heals itself by decreasing the inflammation and increasing
bloody circulation to the affected area. The result is a growth of fresh new skin
cells and a more refined, smoother appearance.

Our laser therapy also extends to the treatment of acne scarred skin and
deep set wrinkles. Each treatment differs in technique, type of laser and length of
treatment. This depends on the individual’s skin type and extent of the result
required. For acne scarred skin, there is a less invasive treatment offered where
the surrounding scar tissue is targeted and heated. This prompts the body to
produce collagen which tightens and smooths the skin.

For deeper lines and scarring, we use a different laser with a more invasive
treatment. This also heats the surrounding area but with more intensity. This
generates more collagen production and as a result a more noticeable change
and a reduction in deep wrinkles and scarring. The recovery for this procedure is
longer and when you are fully recovered, the results are remarkable.
Laser skin resurfacing is performed over a few hours and requires a local
anaesthetic. You will be completely awake if treating a small area, however we
recommend mild sedation for the larger areas and longer treatment time to
make you comfortable.

Initially the treatment will produce a hot and slightly uncomfortable feeling, like
a mild sunburn. Some swelling will also occur, however this reduces quickly over
the first 24 hours. A home treatment program will be designed to minimise
discomfort including preventative medication and cold compress treatments. In
the ensuing weeks after your treatment is completed, a skin protection regime is
essential for maintaining the best results. This will include special makeup, sun
protection and nourishment using moisturiser, Absorbable Vitamin C and special