Skin Tightening Procedure

Posted by Irena Morgenstern

Skin Management’s skin tightening procedure is ideal for wrinkle reduction, lesion treatment or skin resurfacing. This procedure works on the deep dermis, epidermis and surface of the skin and is a suitable preventative treatment as we grow older. The skin tightening procedure noticeably improves skin tone, texture and firmness. This is a non-surgical procedure which takes less than an hour, is suited for most skin types and has minimal recovery time.

We use an advanced and non-invasive tightening system which uses infrared light energy and radio frequency. As the temperature rises during the treatment, it causes soft tissue coagulation which leads to collagen remodelling in the deep dermis. This results in firming of loose skin around the treatment area from deep within the skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can be reduced, the neck can tighten and the forehead and face appear tighter. Some clients describe it as “lifting and tightening” of the skin as it appears smoother and more refined. There is minimal discomfort associated with this procedure and when the treatment has finished, there is nominal recovery time.

In some cases the infrared light treatment can stimulate collagen production which “plumps” in lines and wrinkles and as the effect comes from within the deep dermis, is longer lasting.

You will see results after your first few treatments. The number of treatments required will depend on the results desired and the condition of your skin.

Before and after skin tightening Fractional Laser